Raw Challenge

Take the 30-Day Raw Challenge and Discover a Happier, Healthier You!

Raw Challenge makes it fun and easy to adopt a healthy, raw vegetarian diet... in just 30 days. The Raw Challenge program guides you, day by day, towards a healthier way of life and takes the guesswork out of your raw food experience.

Raw Challenge features a 30-day planner, complete with daily recipes, helpful hints, and words of wisdom from raw food experts. It also includes success stories and easy-to-follow tips to keep you going strong during your diet and health make-over.

Raw Challenge will help you:
• Improve your health and lose weight
• Find the best way to transition to a raw diet
• Prepare a wide variety of delicious, nutritious raw food recipes
• Stay motivated with testimonials and inspiring words
• Stay on track with helpful hints by raw food experts

Remember, Raw Challenger: YOU are in control of your diet and your life, so let Raw Challenge help you maximize the potential of your food—and yourself! Whether you want to lose weight safely or just add a healthier approach to your eating habits, this plan is for you.

Raw Challenge features over 50 delicious, original recipes from Lisa Montgomery and her Raw Challengers, including:
• Cinnamon Morning Smoothie
• Smokey Backyard Tomato Soup
• Raw Vegetable Pasta
• Baby Bella Burgers
• Summer Squash Slaw
• Raw Thai Curry
• Chile Con Amore
• Spicy BBQ Zucchini Chips
• Mango Tango Cake
• Green Tea Ice Cream
• And many more!



The Raw Books!

My 9th book, Vegan Challenge, came out 9/25/2018 and can be ordered at Amazon now!  Below you will find a list of all of my books.  If you click on the image you can see more information about each one and a link to purchase!

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Living Dynamcially Raw SurvivalLiving Dynamically Raw Challenge

Living Dynamically Raw PotluckLiving Dynamically Liquid Raw

Living Dynamically Raw GardenLiving Dynamically Raw Inspiration